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Lake FrontWelcome to Kings Langley Angling Society

Kings Langley Angling Society is a friendly and progressive club that any angler could join.

Whatever type of fishing appeals, you will find a water that will satisfy your needs right here in the heart of rural Kings Langley.

Still waters and canal for course fishing. We have a large lake available and a small intimate pond.

A competitive but friendly match scene including open matches. All looked after by a strong water management team and competent bailiff presence to bring you the best sport possible.

Membership is open and joining the club could not be easier and as long as you show respect for the club, it's members and waters - you will have a great time.

Latest Match Results

Please rollover a match date to show the results for each match.

Position Name Results
1st J Beeton 102lb 7oz
2nd M Foster 89lb 10oz
3rd R Miller 89lb 2oz
Position Name Results
1st J Beeton & Nicole 110lb 4oz
2nd R Miller & Beth 52lb 0oz
3rd D Wilson & Megan 41lb 4oz
Position Name Results
1st M Foster 85lb 8oz
2nd J Owen 67lb 10oz
3rd A Aston 58lb 14oz
Latest News / Events
6th March 2012
6th March 2012
Upcoming Fixtures
6th April 2012 - 9.30am - 2.30pm
Good Friday Ken Williams Memorial
Gaywoods Pool
6th May 2012 - 9.30am - 3.30pm
Lake John
Bottom Lake
9th May 2012 - 9.00am - 2.30pm
Gaywoods Pool